Customize the fine Italian leather we use with special tanning or dyeing techniques, replace or combine it with fabrics or faux leather. Armrests can be shortened, extended or individually styled. Choose 22k gold- or antique copper-finished cup holders with gilded buttons, embellished with Swarovski crystals or wrapped in a corresponding material with the upholstery. Add hand-made carbon fiber components such as side panels, drink holders, trays and storage compartments, uniquely employed by the sports-car industry, for a perfect fusion of function and a timelessly beautiful design.

The individual manufacturing process only starts when every last detail has been agreed on.




Go behind the scenes. Choose your seating layout, play with sizes and enjoy absolute control over your viewing fun. You run the show.

Form and Functions: Motorization | Armrest Shapes & Sizes | Chaise Longue | Recliner | Seating Layout | Modular Design




We’re as much about the story as about visuals. Be it the finest fabric, leather or wood, our materials speak volumes of careful design, skilled craftsmanship and impeccable taste.

Materials: Upholsteries | Components




Keep your movie night essentials out of sight but in easy reach. We made sure that our practical storage compartments and cupholders look the part, too.

Belongings: Storage Compartments | Cupholders | Sideboards | Airplane Sidetable




Make our chairs truly yours. From stitching through patterns to buttons, design every inch of your seating to fit your imaginings.

Decorations: Stitching | Embroidery & Embossing | Swarovski Elements |
Controls & Faceplates | Piping




Let the seating light up the room. moovia® chairs come with ambient lights, in all the right places. Carefully built into cup holders, storage compartments, side panels and the bottom, they help you move with confidence even when the screen goes pitch-black.

Our LED lighting solutions are manufactured in Europe and neatly tailored to every product. Adjust the lights to your mood with a touch through a mobile screen or remote control. Choose them in elegant warm white or vibrant RGB.

Lightings: Side Panel | Cupholder | Storage Compartment | Armrest




Step inside your comfort zone. Curl up in your chair and enjoy the show, with plush cushions, massage functionality, lumbar support and a air-conditioning in supporting roles.

Conveniences: Cushioning | Massage & Lumbar Support |
Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC)





Move your cinema comfort up a notch. Our theater chairs will provoke all your senses: see, hear and feel the film as if you were part of it.

Motion Effects: D-BOX | IBEAM




Smart means having technology adapt to you. At moovia®, discovering trailblazing solutions and exciting new opportunities in the latest technologies is what keeps us going. There may be a lot of possibilities but there is one ultimate goal: to make furniture that makes your viewing experience like no other.

Smart Helpers: USB Charge Base | Touch Panel | QI Wireless Charging




Beauty is only skin deep. Become the ultimate director of your home cinema: control your chair or the whole media room. moovia® seating works seamlessly with home automation systems such as Control4, RTI or Crestron.

Smart Helpers: moovia® SmartAPP | Amazon Alexa | Control4 & Crestron |
Custom Integration - API