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Make Our chairs truly yours. From stitching through patterns to buttons, design every inch of your seating to fit your imaginings.




Stitching makes the ultimate finishing touch to leather furniture. Smooth and precise, our craftsmen’s stitches turn fine leather pieces into real works of art. Choose a contrasting thread color to make them impossible to miss. Or order the headrest, armrests and footrest with Bentley stitching for an extra touch of class.




Leave your mark. Have a special artwork, pattern, company logo or family crest embroidered onto the headrest, backrest or armrests of your chair, and make your seating truly one of a kind – just like you. From embroidered logos to debossed designs, we can add any personalized detail to your chosen leather or fabric.




Make your style statement crystal clear. Order your chairs’ controls or upholstery texture studded with selected Swarovski elements. Well-known for superior production, cutting and polishing, the Austrian crystal empire is a master of crystal cut creations. Each of their stones mirrors more than 120 years of craftsmanship, and tells a story. Let them tell yours.




Luxury is in the details. Our chairs come with chromium-plated control buttons – but only if you want to. Ask for buttons covered in the same luxurious leather as your seating or real carbon fiber for the ultimate sleek. Going for no-nonsense class? Switch from chromium-plated to matte black. Need more glam in your life? Opt for gold plating or Swarovski details.

While talking about switches, buttons and controls let’s think about implementation, too. The control panel for a single-engined chair consists of two and for a dual-engined seat of four buttons. Usually the controls are placed to the right at the inner side of the armrest while being seated. If the chair features a third engine for the headrest movement than additional two buttons will be located on the left. Depending on the layout of the seating row or other personal preferences this arrangement can be adjusted accordingly.

And if the buttons are becoming outgrowing due to the rich set of chair features just let our app or your home automation doing the whole job,




Piping in sewing is a strip of leather or fabric folded over a cord that is not only used to trim the edges of the cover material but also to create a touch of elegance. We make this specialty in all kind of thickness, texture and color.