Keep your movie night essentials out of sight but in easy reach. We made sure that our practical storage compartments and cupholders look the part, too.




Built into the armrest, the storage compartment is just the right place to house your remote control, gaming pad, or even cigars.

Choose from standard black wood, or luxury woods in your choice of colour finish, or hi-tech carbon fibre. Besides keeping your personal belongings ready, the hidden box can also be used for additional chargers, power supplies or controls for seating functions such as lighting, massage or lumbar support.

Storage boxes can be placed in all outer or middle armrests with armrest width of 20 cm (7.8 inches) or greater. Two standard sizes of 31 x 14cm (12.2 x 5.5in) and 31 x 17.5cm (12.2 x 6.1in) are available.




No theatre seat is complete without a cupholder. That is why almost all our chairs come with a built-in cupholder for your favourite drink.

You can order in Oak, European or American walnut, as well as stainless steel. For an elegant touch you could choose antique copper, real 22k gold-plated finish or a drink holder or even carbon fibre.

Cup holders with a standard inner diameter of 8 x 9 cm (3.15 x 3.55in) can be integrated in all outer or mid armrests with a minimum armrest width of 15 cm (5.8 in). Where there is space we can also offer two or more cup holders - front to back or side by side.

If you need to keep your favourite drink cool or warm - consider it solved.




Turn your armrest into your own private snack bar, complete with a large storage compartment and plenty of room for all your favourite treats and snacks.

This combination of tray, cup holders in various depths and a drawer - which could also be a cooling compartment - is just one example of hundreds of possible variations.




When you're watching a film, you'll want your snacks and drinks right in front of you.
That's not possible with most cinema seating.

Moovia has the answer with the new airplane side table - beautifully engineered and stored safely in the armrest, with sold hardwood top, solid steel mechanism, and a high quality non-slip finish to keep glasses,
plates and anything else you need in place.

Take your seat, bring the footrests and headrests to your favourite position, then bring the table out in front of you.

The armrest remains fully usable whether the table is out or stored away. Yet another bespoke touch from moovia.