Bespoke Furniture



With our bespoke services, nothing is impossible. When we say bespoke, we not only mean that our clients can choose the armrest size, stitching color or type of leather they like best. What we mean is letting them create the exact viewing experience they’re looking for, wherever or whatever that might be. Supersizing seats, experimenting with uncharted technologies or tailoring our furniture to the organic lines of a luxury yacht, we do whatever it takes to make it happen.

How we do this products and select the perfect materials?

Every single piece of our furniture is manufactured in our factory, marrying the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship. From conception to completion, our designers will work with you hand in hand to create the home cinema you’ve always dreamed of. We start with selecting the upholstery from hundreds of premium materials offered by leading European leather, velvet, alcantara and textile manufacturers, and the finest, most durable wood. We make sure that everything you need to make the best decision is at your fingertips: we ship all upholstery and hardwood samples right to your doorstep, wherever you are.

No bespoke project is too small or too large for us. And there’s no space we can’t conquer: besides our regular models, we have tailored our furniture to the most specific requirements and unique demands. The planning process of bespoke seating always starts on paper and ends in your home theater, be it on a yacht or in your beach house. Once every detail is agreed on, a sample life-size seat is delivered to you so you can give it a test run. If everything is how you imagined it, we will manufacture what you’ve created. Our experts ensure that the furniture you choose is set up with the utmost care and provide all the support needed so everything goes according to plan, during installation and long after.

Then there’s only one thing left for you: sit back and enjoy the show!


Services and Support

moovia creations come with personal care and attention. Be it selection, customization or installation, our experts are there to help at every step of the way.

2D and 3D drawings of the seatings selected and their arrangement

  • Inserting our furniture into home theater rooms’ CAD drawings

  • Static or mobile mock-up of the chosen furniture setup

  • Technical support for preparing, installing and managing home theatre spaces

  • Advice on media room seating arrangement from a seasoned moovia expert

  • Photorealistic rendering of the entire space