Keep your movie night essentials out of sight but in easy reach. We made sure that our practical storage compartments and cupholders look the part, too.




Built into the armrest, the storage compartment is just the right place to house your remote control, joystick or favorite cigars. Choose from standard black wood, precious timber with your choice of color finish, or everlasting carbon fiber. Beside keeping your personal belongings ready the hidden box can also be used to provide additional chargers, power supplies or control elements for seat functions like lighting, massage or lumbar support.

The storage boxes can be placed in all outer or mid armrests up to a minimum armrest width of 20 cm or 7.8 inches. Two standard sizes of 31/12.2 x 14/5.5 and 31/12.2 x 17.5/6.1 (L x W cm/inch) are available.




No theatre seat is complete without a cupholder. That is why almost all our chairs are coming with a built-in cupholder for the beverage of your choice, be it soda or wine. You can also ask for oak, European or American walnut, as well as stainless steel. For an extra touch of elegance, opt for an antiqued copper or real 22k gold plated finish or a drink holder made from substantial carbon fiber.

Cup holders with a standard inner diameter of 8/3.15 and 9/3.55 cm/inch can be integrated in all outer or mid armrests up to a minimum armrest width of 15 cm or 5.8 inches. Assuming the appropriate space the horizontal or vertical arrangement of two or more cup holders is also feasible.

And if you need to keep your favorite drink cold or warm - consider it solved.




Turn the armrest into your own private snack bar, complete with a large storage compartment and plenty of room for all the theater treats you love to munch on.

This combination of tray, cup holders in different depths and a drawer which alternatively could be a wine fridge as well is just one example of hundreds of possible variations.