Bespoke Wall


We at moovia® strive to go beyond building high-quality products. We want to provide our clients and partners with all the resources they need to make the design and sales process as smooth as possible.


Besides technical specifications, videos and renders, we’re happy to ship upholstery and other material samples, including accessories, to wherever your client is so they can have a feel of what we offer. We believe that holding a steel cupholder in your own hands or touching the embroidery on premium leather tells more, and speaks louder, of a product than any photo or marketing copy.


We know that clients don’t always come to the showroom with an exact idea in mind. They often need guidance on the endless possibilities custom-made furniture provides and advice on how to make the most of them so their brand new theater chairs fit their space, taste and budget.


Bespoke service is at the very core of our business. This is why we’ve created our Bespoke Walls. They’re now one of our most effective point-of-sale tools for showing clients the outstanding quality of craftsmanship and materials noovia® products are all about.

With real wood frame and built-in lighting, the displays impress both with their size and design. Samples are attached on magnetic panels so they’re easy to touch, and if a newer and better option comes along, replace. Everything worth knowing about the samples is on the back so you won’t leave out a single detail.


moovia® BESPOKE WALLS have been designed to display our most popular accessories and materials. You need something more customized or have space limitations? No problem. We also have a more compact panel version available for smaller spaces to exhibit a sample selection of your choosing.